An open letter from our president!

Small Victories in Times of Crisis

Clients, partners and regional businesses,

On behalf of all the members of my team, I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you that I fully understand the challenges you are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

My heart goes out to every one of you. It is devastating for me to watch on as businesses that have spared no effort over the last few months, or even years, are running into difficulties they could never have anticipated! The stress is enormous. Know that my team and I are here for you.

As an optimist by nature, I cannot help but notice the gestures of solidarity and love that I am seeing in my native region of Estrie, and here at Standish.

  • Our management team is keeping our employees informed of the latest developments, checking up on everyone as often as possible, and making sure that each individual feels heard and supported.

  • During our virtual mixer, I saw so many smiles from the screens of the 18 members of our team. It was great to see them laughing together, even from a distance!

  • Non-profit organizations are pulling out all the stops to stay focused on their missions and the people who need their support during the crisis. It is remarkable to witness Sherbrookers rallying to help one another.

  • I would especially like to acknowledge Le Coureur boutique, as well as Nissan and Infiniti Sherbrooke from the Beaucage Group, which have volunteered to deliver groceries to the elderly!

Clearly, the impacts of this pandemic are not all bad. We are finally taking the time—the time to be with our families, the time to stay in closer touch with those who are out of sight but close to our hearts, and the time to give back to others.

As a show of solidarity, I urge you to draw a rainbow in your window and don’t forget to flash your lights every night at 8:30 to broadcast your support for people affected by coronavirus and especially workers in the health community!

Clients, partners and regional businesses, know that you are in my thoughts. These small but colourful victories are a source of strength and inspiration, helping us get through a gloomy and challenging time.

Alan Standish président

Alan Standish
President of Standish Communications





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