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When you love your work and the people you work with work, it’s not really work.

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At Standish, we put people at the heart of our business. We believe in happiness at work, personal development, and family spirit. When you love what you do and the people you work with, that’s when the magic happens and you accomplish great things! The winning recipe is a pinch of creativity, a dash of happiness, and a lot of you!

Because we care about happiness at work!

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A word from the General Manager

« Oh no, not an agency…»

That is often people’s first reflex, because agencies that treat their employees like numbers have been seen time and time again (and they unfortunately still exist today). Agency work has gotten a bad reputation, even more so in today’s context.

My journey

When the time came for me to find my first job, I wanted two things:

  1. A mentor more than a boss, that shared my values and who would help me push my limits;
  2. A company where words such as human and family were not only there to be cute in job offers.

That’s what I found at Standish in 2017.

Standish is a team that has been around for a long time and has seen it all. The agency may have started in 1988, but it keeps reinventing itself.  

There, I found people who listen and for whom the only goal is to turn the word work into fun and happiness. 

Today, I am fortunate enough to be its General Manager. I have been allowed to evolve, help, and contribute, but above all, I am respected. It is on this basis that I continue to develop Standish, a humane team that wants to create, reinvent, add value, and offer quality and transparency to its clients while having fun. Because that’s when you can push any limit. 


Karl Hardy Standish