Société de transport de Sherbrooke

Operator of public transportation services covering the Sherbrooke territory.

Initially, Standish was mandated by the Société de transport de Sherbrooke to help them develop the visual concept of their Dix-4 intranet.




  • Secteur public


  • B2C


  • Art direction
  • Billboard and signage
  • Brand image
  • Coaching and training
  • Various communication tools
  • Video creation, production, and editing
  • Website design & programming


We strategically accompanied the STS to make recommendations on user experience, maximize the Mobile First approach, and design the look and feel of the platform. Later, we completely revamped their website. The goal was to offer its clientele simple and intuitive navigation and respect web accessibility standards.

The STS also commissioned us to find the communication strategy for its in-house campaign aiming to raise awareness of civility in the workplace. An adaptation of the board game Mille Bornes was chosen. A fun way to get important messages across! To deploy the campaign’s imagined universe, various tools were produced, including a retractable banner, a Code of Conduct poster, and a 20-second video.

We also had the pleasure of collaborating with the client on a second campaign, aimed at raising awareness amongst Sherbrooke’s population on how to behave around the bus. The angle chosen was the use of comical expressions to show the irony of not following instructions. The aim of this concept is to show the population that it will be “acceptable” to defy instructions when the most improbable things happen. The campaign was broadcast across Sherbrooke on posters, social networks, radio, and newspapers.

App mobile de l'intranet de la STS