In 2012, the City of Magog sought to develop a new, dynamic and evocative brand image.

In addition to improving the City’s positioning, the logo and statement reflect what Magog has become over the years, as well as its community and economic aspirations. The City’s new symbol, which is also used in various printed and Web materials, illustrates the four major themes of Magog’s strategic planning.

A fully revamped website

The new website was designed based on the graphic guidelines of Google Material Design Lite, and features a streamlined and well-structured interface as well as a more user-friendly and intuitive browsing experience. To meet the needs of Magog residents, a number of new elements were introduced, including a responsive version enabling users to consult the website on any smart device, a calendar of activities and events that can be displayed by category, a keyword search bar, and a microsite devoted to the Memphrémagog library.

Visit the website
Site Material Design Lite de la Ville de Magog

Presentation of new features

Given that the new site would require some adaptation on the part of users, a handy demo of new features was added to the homepage. The video was also used in the context of media events showcasing the launch of the new platform.

Transport vehicles

Standish also produced wraps for municipal vehicles, consistent with the city’s new brand image. For identification purposes, a unique visual signature was developed for each vehicle category, namely employee transport, public utility, public works, and specialized vehicles.

Création Panneau signalisation de Magog

New signage

De nouveaux panneaux d’identification et de signalisation de la Ville ont été créés, afin de mettre en valeur les entrées de la municipalité, guider les visiteurs à travers son territoire et promouvoir ses différents sites récréotouristiques.


Standish furthermore designed Web and printed materials to enable interactions with municipal employees, citizens, and community members.

Design for the Strategic Plan

Standish designed and produced a 16-page brochure that lays out the City’s vision, strategic directions, and targeted actions. We also produced a Web version of the brochure to enable online consultation.

Distinction for its new image
In 2014, the City of Magog came first in the “1-29,999 citizens” category at the Gala de La Plume d’or, in recognition of its new brand and the uniformity of its brand image.

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