Non-profit organization based in Sherbrooke that acts as a center for disseminating and producing contemporary art.

As part of its Vivace project, a digital transformation grant program for the cultural sector, Sporobole was looking for a creative partner to help spread information related to this program. Vivace needed a visual identity and a website. In the process, Sporobole also decided to renew its brand image.





  • Organisme


  • B2B


  • Art direction
  • Brand image
  • Coaching and training
  • Logo
  • Web Animation
  • Website design & programming


Sporobole’s current image needed updating, to better illustrate the significance of the sporobole – a punk plant that grows in any conditions – and by the same token, its field of expertise. From now on, the visual identity will perfectly combine art and technology. The company’s new personality will be reflected on a website that is both lively in originality and nuanced in information.

In parallel with the Sporoble project, we worked on the Vivace initiative. We proposed a visual identity revolving around the living to match the project’s name. The aim was to create a brand image that would live well over the two years of the grant program.

We then turned this brand image into a website, including several animations. Given the tight deadlines for this project, collaboration and communication with the client were a must!