Ovation was created in 1989 as the private label of the company English Riding Supply (ERS), which is a renowned American distributor of equestrian gear and apparel.

In 2008, Standish consolidated the company’s branding for consistency across all of the media used to represent the brand.

Annual catalogue design

We were responsible for the design, montage and picture editing of a roughly 300-page annual catalogue of equestrian brands, including Ovation. The catalogue was also made available online and features a careful and well-organized presentation, with pictures and product contextualization for easier browsing. The catalogue has become an important sales tool that is presented each year at the equestrian show in which ERS takes part, in order to showcase the company’s products and establish business relationships with potential commercial buyers.

Product packaging

We developed a new image for Ovation products’ labelling and packaging.

Advertisements to boost sales

Since 2006, our team has been working with the ERS team in developing its Web and printed advertising campaigns. The goal is to create appealing visuals that effectively showcase the brand in order to convince retailers to stock Ovation products in their stores.

Conception catalog Equestre


We designed a responsive website to promote Ovation products and display its various points of sale in North America, in addition to adapting the printed catalogue for online consultation.

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Catalogs are the “talk” of our industry and because of the Standish design team, we are always the ones to be envied!


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