Equestrian products distribution company for over 50 brands in the United States.

English Riding Supply initially approached us to produce their annual product catalogue.




  • Commercial
  • Sports


  • B2C


  • Logo
  • Brand image
  • Graphic standards guide
  • Art direction
  • Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Magazine
  • Various communication tools
  • Video creation, production, and editing
  • Motion design
  • Website design & programming
  • Web hosting
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)


For several years, Standish has been ERS’s trusted partner for its annual product catalogue. This represents a titanic task that takes place in several major stages, all within a very tight schedule. These steps include the design of a strong cover image, the layout of various sections, product photos and retouching of these photos according to size and colour.

In addition, to help English Riding Supply maintain its leadership in the equestrian industry, we develop a variety of printed communication tools such as flyers, brochures, packaging, clothing labels, stickers and advertisements for various equestrian magazines.

Standish has also implemented a strong digital infrastructure, which we have taken over for many of its brand sites, such as One K Helmets, Catago, Romfh and many others. We have also produced several videos for these brands over the past few years. Addressing both a B2C clientele and a well-established dealer network, we also ensure the updating of its dealer center.