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Given that it communicates your brand, your values and your products or services, your online presence is a decisive factor in your business’ growth. At Standish, we focus on a comprehensive digital strategy in order to maximize your long-term results.

Working together, we will define the best ways to communicate effectively with your target audience so that you can take advantage of all the possibilities the Web has to offer.

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An effective strategy that meets your goals

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Reaching customers

By enhancing your visibility, we give you an enviable position among competing sites. The goal is to target your customers and attract them to your site.

Strategy: Increase traffic from search engines using relevant content associated with your target audience.

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Converting customers into buyers

Transforming visitors into potential customers.

Strategy: Engage potential customers using content that matches their expectations, and incorporate calls to action to prompt them to take concrete steps, such as registration, purchases, or an information or quote request.

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Cultivating the business relationship

Frequently interacting with your customers to reinforce their trust in you.

Strategy: Build customer loyalty and improve brand recognition.

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The + benefit of audience interaction

Content that strikes a chord

Relevant, credible, high-quality content allows you to demonstrate your expertise in your activity sector so that you can be compelling and engage your target audience. To give an example, a blog can be a good way to attract potential customers who will find your site while doing Web searches. All content is optimized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that it can easily be found on search engines and thereby enjoy greater visibility.

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B2C : Attracting customers

Strategy focused on the benefits of a product or service.

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Results of a B2C web strategy :

B2B : Attracting businesses

Strategy focused on the characteristics of a product or service.

Main objectives :

Solutions :

Results of a B2B web strategy :

Our approach

We combine digital expertise with a keen understanding of the business world in order to suggest strategies that are adapted to business’ evolving needs.

Step 1 : Reflection

Analysis and understanding of your business’s current environment, customers and competitors.

Step 2 : Strategy

Definition and planning of measures to carry out in order to improve your online visibility and achieve established business goals.

Step 3 : Design and delivery

Development and implementation of the solutions established in the initial strategy.

Step 4 : Evaluation and fine-tuning

Collection and measurement of results in order to evaluate tools’ performance, and suggestion of any required adjustments and alternative solutions in order to optimize performance and ensure ongoing improvement.

Websites promote you 24/7 : No employee will do that.

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