A made-in-Quebec company, Les Moûts de P.O.M. produces 100% natural and non-alcoholic fruit flavoured beverages.

Its products are distributed in Quebec, Ontario and a few regions in the USA.

Products showcased on all platforms

Standish was tasked with creating a new website and responsive version in order to better represent the company’s global brand and update its image. Specially crafted visuals were added to highlight product features and better reach consumers. The new website organizes the company’s products under three brands, with images that will be easily recognized in store, texts describing each drink’s unique taste, and ingredients and nutritional values. Finally, a store locator was introduced to help consumers find nearby retailers and consequently facilitate product sales.

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Kiosk developed for the Salon Maternité Paternité Enfants 2015

In conjunction with the new Moûts de P.O.M visual identity, a kiosk complete with three retractable banners was designed to introduce the company at events and expositions. The kiosk became an important sales tool, with appealing images that attract visitors and encourage them to discover company products.

Product packaging

In order to create all-new packaging, we had to develop a look that would be true to the brand and highlight the main features of its products, which are alcohol-free, organic, made from natural ingredients, and superior in quality.

Product labels

We designed and created labels to present a new line of teas and other special-edition products.

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