Founded in 2008, the Villegia hotel chain boasts three four-star hotels, a spa, a golf course, a travel agency, and international property rental and sales services.

Villegia’s mission is to offer visitors an unforgettable stay thanks to the quality and comfort of its facilities, as well as a wide range of activities and special offers.

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Conception site de réservation en ligne

A new website to increase bookings

The goal of the main Hôtels Villegia website was to present relevant information in a simple and intuitive way in order to increase the chain’s customer conversion rate. Thanks to a sound and user-friendly ergonomic layout, visitors can count on a fast and easy online reservation process, especially thanks to dynamic filters that enable them to save time by refining their searches. Given that user behaviour varies from one device to another, a mobile site was also created to optimize browsing and better meet mobile user needs.

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Création site web Spa Villegia

A website promoting spa packages

In 2014, a new and responsive website was designed specifically for the Spa Villegia in order to spotlight its many packages. The website features streamlined content divided into specific types of treatments to allow users to easily find what they’re looking for and check appointment availability in a single click. The website is vibrant and appealing, with attractive images reflecting the spa’s relaxing atmosphere.

Beyond the Web

Since 2012, Standish has also worked together with Villegia in designing printed communications and advertising media in order to help the chain promote and develop its services.


Increase in sales.


Increase in bookings.


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