Technologies DUAL-ADE has been an important player in the low, medium and high-voltage electricity transformation and distribution industry since 1999.

The company is specialized in supplying personalized electrotechnical services, as well as designing and building custom electrical equipment.

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A new image for new markets

We developed a new brand image for DUAL-ADE and revamped its sales tools to allow it to forge new business partnerships abroad and thereby secure its future. The goal was to give the company a strong image that would build the trust of international customers who are not familiar with the value and quality of DUAL-ADE products and services. Thanks to its new identity, the company has successfully developed its South American market.

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Increased staff numbers

DUAL-ADE was facing a human resources challenge, namely finding sufficient numbers of qualified and specialized workers to meet its needs. The company’s new identity sparked the interest of potential employees and improved their perception of the company as an employer.

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Increasing international visibility

The new DUAL-ADE website has become an important sales tool for positioning the company in the international market.

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On numerous occasions, Standish has exceeded our expectations with brilliant work. In addition, Standish continually strives to take our ideas to the next level in order to help our business distinguish itself.


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