Coop Alentour

Coop Alentour

The Coop Alentour is a consumer cooperative founded in 1979 to provide its members with superior quality products at the best possible prices.

Today, it is made up of two divisions: a boutique and a distribution division for natural and organic products from Quebec and across the world.

A well-structured website that speaks to its target audience

After having enhanced the Coop Alentour’s global image in 2011, Standish took on the project of completely redesigning the company’s website. The new site distinguishes between the cooperative’s two divisions, with a split homepage directing users to their desired section. The main goal of the Boutique section is to promote available products and promotions in order to attract more in-store consumers. The Distribution section, in contrast, is mainly geared toward acquiring new customers and expanding the coop’s network of suppliers.

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Consumers who believe in the brand and its values

Standish was asked to renew the visual identity of Artisan Tradition, which is the coop’s private label. The goal was to develop a brand signature and packaging that would better represent the essence of the brand, namely affordable, healthy and organic products. Consumers who choose Artisan Tradition place a high value on the source and quality of their products and are interested in encouraging the local brand of their coop. The challenge was to develop a new image that would more closely match consumer expectations for coop products, while also forging a stronger bond between producers and consumers.

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