Brecks is a lure manufacturer and distributor known by fishing amateurs and professionals all over the world.

Brecks was interested in turning its new website into a powerful sales tool by displaying its range of products and distribution centres. The website includes an online catalogue as well as an interactive homepage complete with clickable brands.

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Conception du site Internet de Brecks
Conception du catalogue de Brecks

Product catalog design

We designed a product catalogue that presents the various brands and their features. The goal was to put together a catalogue that would reflect the quality of Brecks products and its reputation as a leader in the fishing world.

Over 2,000 product photographs

We took and edited pictures of each lure to be able to create the printed and Web catalogue.

Détourage de photographie pour Brecks
Hamecons Brecks


The objective is for Brecks and our products to stand out above the rest. With Standish’s help, we were able to achieve that goal.

Brecks Inc.

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